Where my dogs at?

Cincy Dogear hat 4 Cicy Dogear hat 2 Cincy Dogear 3

Winter is a’comin’, and it’s a’comin’ fast!  No need to worry though, Lids has you covered, literally.  I’m referring to the new MLB dog ears caps, yes I said DOG EARS.  Wearing your favorite baseball cap has never been so cool…I mean warm. 

Listen, everyone loves dogs, everyone loves hats, it’s like a match made in heaven – fusing the two! This year, you can still rock out by supporting your favorite MLB team while keeping warm through the frigid winter weather.  Wear the cap with the flaps up or flap down, whatever you fancy. They’ll be sure to keep you warm when you need them.  Let your summer hats hibernate for the winter, it’s dog ears time. 

Be sure to check out Lids.com.  Did I mention there’s free shipping on orders over $50?  Holidays are creeping up, so it’s a great time to grab one now for that special someone! Don’t wait and get caught up in the hectic, last minute holiday shopping. 

Check in daily with the Lids Blog to see what’s good, and what’s really good.  More great winter hats to come, including the MLB Trapper…take a look at our Sneak Peak pictures below. 

Trapper Trapper2