What Color is Your Hat?

Sports fanaticism is not necessarily dominated by one gender.  Women love sports too!  And with that in Casey-hatmind, many manufacturers came out with pink hats and jerseys a few years ago. The thought process must have been something like “Hmm.. how can we get more women to buy new sports hats and jerseys….?  I’ve got it!  Let’s make it PINK! PINK hats! PINK Jerseys!  Pink pink pink!”

There must have been at least one woman (or man) in the room who voiced concern.  “Um.. guys?  The Red Sox don’t wear pink.  The Yankees don’t wear pink.  Even the Cowboys don’t wear pink.  Breast Cancer Awareness month is just that – one month (October). Does pink make sense?”

Regardless, they moved forward with the manufacturing of pink products. And many women bought them!  Or someone bought them – maybe men bought the pink gear for the women.  I know I’ve purchased pink Red Sox onesies for a few baby girl fans.  But when it came to purchasing my own hat, I opted for a classic navy Red Sox cap (see above).

I asked some of my female co-workers about their hat choices.  Jen R. said that she doesn’t wear hats, but that her own Red Sox hat is decidedly not pink.  Michelle C. owns a white Red Sox hat.  Katie G. has three Red Sox hats – one traditional navy, one pink, and one pale yellow.  Apparently, they make hats in “all of the pastel colors.”  In case you’re wondering why we all own Red Sox gear, we live and work in Boston, which obviously means we’re Red Sox fans (or at least most of us are, AHEM Michelle R.).

Looks like the vote is split, but with many of my female co-workers opting for the more traditionally colored hats.  Ladies – do you own pink hats and jerseys?  Guys – do you respect sports-lovin’ girls in pink hats?