Whalers Hat – Remember the Whale

Growing up in Connecticut during the 90s, I was a huge Hartford Whalers fan.  Unfortunately for Whaler fans, our favorite hockey team moved south to North Carolina and became the Carolina Hurricanes in 1997.  Besides watching some old Kevin Smith movies or popping in NHL '94 on SNES, remembering the Whale has been a tough go over the past ten plus years since there wasn't much officially released Whaler apparel from the NHL.

But this past summer, Connecticut's trademark on the Whalers expired
and the NHL has started to expand the selection.  Whalers jerseys are
even making their return in video game land as an alternate uniform on
the NHL 2K10

Lids recently added some new Hartford Whalers hats, so there are more styles to buy.  My personal favorite Whaler hat is this 59Fifty fitted dogear hat from New Era.  It's great for those cold New England winters.  I also like this classic easy fitted Franchise Whalers baseball cap when it's not so frigid. 

Whalers Dogear Hat   Whalers Franchise hat

Check out this great selection of Hartford Whalers hats and caps at Lids now and help Remember the Whale!