Big Sport’s Week for Fans

This week has been a big week for sport fans everywhere.  With the start of the NFL postseason playoffs last weekend and the BCS national football championship, fans have had plenty to cheer about.   Auburn finished its perfect 14-0 season on Monday with a win against Oregon, winning the school's first national title in over 50 years.  With a national win under their belts, two Auburn players may be looking  to skip their senior year and enter the NFL draft.  Cam Newton, Auburn's star quarterback, already announced his decision to enter the draft. Lombardi Award winner Nick Fairley will announce his decision regarding the draft today.  If Fairley chooses to skip his senior year, it has been speculated that he could be the NFL draft's top overall pick.  If you are an Auburn fan and haven't had a chance yet to get your hands on a championship hat, stop by to score yours today!

100926_Chargers_Seahawks_19 Auburn fans weren't the only fans with something to cheer about this week.  With NFL wildcard games last weekend, it was the underdog and his fans who prevailed.  Seattle Seahawks beat out last year's Super Bowl Champs last Saturday in their win over the Saints.  Not only were the Saints a huge favorite to win, but the Seahawks were the only team ever to make the playoffs with a losing record.  That losing record came out with a big win on Saturday, and Seahawk fans have their eyes set on the next obstacle, the Chicago Bears. Many have said that Seattle has one of the loudest venues in the NFL.  Without the help of their loud fans at home, will Seattle be able to pull out another huge upset against da Bears?