THE TRUE Super Bowl Experience

By Glenn Campbell, Hat World/LIDS Co-Founder & Executive Vice President, @Wear_a_lid

WOW!   No other words come to mind to describe what Indianapolis and LIDS did during the Super Bowl this past week.  Well, actually I do have a few…

The city rolled out the red carpet and put itself on the map as a TRUE player as a Super Bowl host city.   I know Miami, Arizona and San Diego are sexy because of the weather, but Indianapolis raised the bar for future Super Bowl’s to come.   I have been fortunate enough to attend nine Super Bowls, and this one was by far the best I have been to.   Downtown Indianapolis  was turned into a weeklong fan zone, not only catering to the fans but for families as well.  The interactive Super Bowl Village was complete with free concerts, autograph sessions, celebrity sightings, food and drinks, countless parties, and temporary makeshift nightclubs.   Maybe the most unique was the Zip line, something that is  sure to be copied by future host cities.   All in all, what can’t be copied was the “Hoosier Hospitality!”   The atmosphere and  friendliness you felt as you walked around downtown with 100,000 of your closest friends cannot be duplicated.   If I didn’t know better, I would have thought I was in downtown Mayberry.

To make the experience complete for fans, the Super Bowl host committee picked Lids Locker Room as the official retailer.   We outfitted all the volunteers with Nike gear and brought a retail presence that has never been seen or done before.  The 2nd floor of the old Nordstrom building, all 30,000 feet, was turned into the greatest Super Bowl store ever put together (See photos below).   It wasn’t just a store, it was truly an experience!   When a retailer can turn an everyday trip to buy a product into an engaging experience, they’ve set themselves apart from everyone else…and that is exactly what we did last week in Indianapolis.  With over 300 LIDS employees and volunteers and months of behind the scenes planning from all departments within the company, LIDS put their mark on Super Bowl XLVI.

After all that was said and done, all I can do is stand back and tip my cap to the thousands of hours put in by so many to make this Super Bowl way more than just a three hour football game.  YOU turned it into an experience; a memory that the 70,000 who had tickets and the hundreds of thousands who just walked the streets, will never forget!  I know I’ll never forget it.

Thank you Indianapolis and thank you LIDS employees!  I am proud to be part of the best retail team around!