The stage for Super Bowl XLV has been set

HwlCA6FR63FThe stage for Super Bowl XLV has been set.  On Sunday, the Green Bay Packers were able to take down the Chicago Bears and solidify their place in this year’s Super Bowl, where they will take on the Pittsburg Steelers.  Green Bay fans aren’t wasting any time by making sure they have their championship gear and their tickets in hand.  According to the Houston Chronicle, Green Bay fans started buying up their championship t-shirts and hats within hours of the game having concluded.  There are also fans scrambling to get their tickets for the big game with one man saying that he will go to Texas with or without a ticket in hopes of purchasing one once in Texas.   Green Green Bay fans have not gone to a Super Bowl since 1998 and fans sure are getting ready for this one.  If you’re a Green Bay fan or a Steelers fan make sure that you get your championship gear whether you will be heading to the game or watching on your TV at home.   The Packer fans are ready to take home the title, but it won’t be easy to take down Roethlisberger and the Steelers.

Do you think that Green Bay can pull out a win, winning their first Super Bowl in over a decade?  Any predictions on the final score outcome? HwlCATD21AR