The One and Only Collection Sweepstakes Clue

Clue 3 of 3:  This team originally called Brooklyn home where they won nine National League pennants.

Visit the LIDS Facebook page and LIDS Twitter page, for Clues 1 and 2.  Once you’ve figured out the team, head over to and find the Team page to for the next clue.  The picture below shows two ways to easily navigate to a Team page.  Once on the Team page, you’ll want to look for your next clue.

The next time you are shopping for a team specific hat, visit to easily hone in on all of your team’s options.  Once on a Team page you can narrow down your selection by color, closure, style, size, brand, etc.

If you need additional tips on where to find the clue on the Team page or how to find the secret code word, send us a tweet on Twitter.  Good luck!

How to Find a Team Page