“The Dark Side” of the ESPYS

As one of the few people left NOT to have seen the Academy Award winning movie The Blind Side, I was a bit lost during the "The Dark Side" trailer which was shown during the ESPYS.  The parody showcased a crazed Sandra Bullock and frightened Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts
ESPY Trophy

I rarely watch movies (it's sort of an running joke around the office that I've never seen Back to the Future), but I've had The Blind Side on my list of movies to watch for quite some time.  I took full advantage of a lazy Sunday and finally rented it from Red Box.  What a great movie!  Of course, it was a bit predictable–in part because it was based on a true story, but who doesn't like an easy to follow movie that wraps up nicely and leaves you feeling triumphant on a Sunday afternoon?   

For those of you that missed the ESPYS or who refused to watch because Norm McDonald is no longer hosting, here's the clip from "The Dark Side."  If you've got some extra time, check out the goofs and the trivia on IMDB.  Having recently watched the movie, I can recognize several of these situations where aspects were inconsistent.  All in all, The Blind Side (which also won an ESPY for Best Sports Film) is definitely worth renting. 

Have you seen any great sports movies lately?  Which sports film is your favorite?  How about any good movie that's worth paying almost $20 to see in a theater?  Perhaps only rental worthy?