The Campbell-Cardinals Tradition

By Glenn Campbell, Hat World/LIDS Co-Founder & Executive Vice President, @Wear_a_lid on Twitter

GlennIn 1970, when I was five years old, my dad took me to my first St. Louis Cardinals game.  In those days Lou Brock and Bob Gibson were in their prime, coming off of three World Series appearances in six years and winning two (very reminiscent of what just took place these last six years).  I was hooked.  Little did I know though at that young age it would take my beloved Redbirds 12 long years to get back to the World Series.

For their next appearance, I was a junior in high school and was actually able to celebrate a World Series win.  I’ll never forget it.  The Cardinals then went on to play in the World Series in ‘85 and ‘87, however the team failed to clinch the championship both times and suffered painful loses in Game 7 of each.  Again, little did I know it would be 17 more years until the Cardinals were in another World Series (2004). This time I was 38 years old, married with four children; a stark contrast to being 22 and fresh out of college in ‘87.  The great thing about ’04 was that I had the opportunity to take my dad and return the favor from 34 years earlier, when he passed his love for the Cardinals on to me.

Now I fast forward to what just happened this season.  For Cardinals fans alike it’s already been documented how crazy a month it was, from being virtually out of contention with mere weeks left in the season to winning their 11th World Series in franchise history.  This latest victory put the team in the top spot for most championships in the National League, and second in the sport overall just behind only the New York Yankees.

Moments like these are so unpredictable, yet I tried to take advantage of every opportunity to share this experience with my family.  This year my wife and I took our 4 kids to multiple playoff and World Series games in St. Louis, and even had the opportunity to make it to Milwaukee and Texas for games.  Hopefully years from now our kids will understand how special this October was, and they will feel the same nostalgia that I did in 1970 when my dad took me to my first game.  And so the Campbell-Cardinals tradition continues…


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