Texas Rangers Claw and Antler

The Texas Rangers came away with a convincing win in last night's game against the defending World Champs, the New York Yankees.  The Rangers beat the Yankees 8-0 to take a 2-1 lead in the series. 

Cliff Lee became the first pitcher to record three 10+ strikeout games in the same postseason.  Much like Lee's dominating performance last night, the Rangers have domniated the series, despite having a poor eighth inning in Game 1.  If not for the five runs scored by the Yankees in that inning, the team might be 3-0. 

So what do you think, do the Rangers have enough Claw and Antler to keep it going?  For those of you outside of Ranger Nation, the CLAW is a gesture for power and strength  and the ANTLER is a gesture for speed and agility.  The hand signals, said to have been "invented" by Esteban German (claw) and Nelson Cruz (antlers), were quickly adopted by players as a sign of support and solidarity.  When the fans reazlied what the signals meant, they, too, wanted in on the action. 

Will there be enough Claw and Antler to make history?  With the Yankees in the oppostite dugout, you never can be too sure.  What's your vote: Claw and Antler or Hunting Season?

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