Super Bowl Sunday Parties Ramp Up

Are you hosting a Super Bowl party this weekend? Well, if so, you're not alone.  According to Hallmark Cards Inc., the Super Bowl represents the No. 1 at home party event of the year.  It even beats out New Year's Eve.  Whether you love the game and can't wait to see all the action or whether you love the commercials, the Super Bowl is a huge party night in America. According to Yahoo news, at least $55 million will be spent on food and drinks for The Big Game by at home party hosts.  I guess there is one thing that is recession proof in this economy and that's football.

Not everyone stays in for the big game, however.  Plenty of people pack sports bars and other venues for a bigger Super Bowl events.  For instance, Micheal Vick plans on hosting a Super Bowl party in which there is an actual "movie trailer." How many of you can say you attended a party with an actual trailer? I'll bet not many.  If you want to party with Vick though, you can.  Vick is throwing a massive party in Dallas where there will be off-duty SWAT team members patrolling the area to ensure the party doesn't get too out of control. 


Are you a stay at home Super Bowl party person or are you like Vick and enjoy a more public venue?  Do you tune in for the game, the commercials, the half time show, or do you just like everything Super Bowl?  Whatever you do, make sure you grab all you fan gear to get ready for the big game.  We'll also have Super Bowl Champ gear available for the winning team at immediately after the game.