Store Spotlight: Sin City’s #1 Hat Provider

Store:        LIDS

Location:  Fashion Show Mall
                   3200 Las Vegas Blvd South 2550
                   Las Vegas, NV 89109

Status:      Certified Fresh

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I was able to make the most of the opportunity, visiting everything from the casinos to the lavish hotels to the luxury shopping, which of course included a stop a LIDS store.  I met up with two of my best buddies, Matty and Raul, to do all of the above.  Amidst of all of the partying and lounging poolside, we decided to venture out to Fashion Show Mall to check out the LIDS retail store.  

The Fashion Show Mall is a great way to take a break from the hot weather and to take care of some shopping in the comfort of air conditioning, especially in the sweltering August summer heat. 

We walked through the doors of the LIDS Las Vegas store and immediately became entranced with the customization station that allows you to add your own personal touch to most of the products offered in the store. After the quick tutorial from a helpful LIDS employee, we began brainstorming what customization we should put on the new Yankee fitted hats we were about to purchase (as the three of us are all diehard Yankee fans, much to my Boston boss’s chagrin). After being deadlocked between names, nicknames or other perhaps inflammatory comments about rival teams, we began to explore the rest of the store. IMG_4375

This Vegas location offered a great selection of fedoras displayed prominently as you enter, and definitely was the proper attire for any scene in Vegas from the cabanas by the pool to the bar at the club.  The Fashion Mall LIDS Store offered the full array of products from fedoras to fitteds to sunglasses, basically everything you would need to stay fresh in the City of Sin.  

Whether you are visiting Vegas for a wild bachelor weekend with the boys or a spa escape with all of your  best girlfriends, LIDS has you covered from straw hats to shield the sun while you lay out by the pool or the fashionable fedora to set off your club look. Lids has 9 different locations spread across Sin City, so you can grab your hat fresh off your plane at McCarran International Airport or stop by one of the locations located on the strip. Next time you visit Vegas make sure to hit up one of the many Lids locations and finish off your look with a fresh hat or fedora.  IMG_4374