Sports Themed Weddings

At the age of 29, it seems I’m surrounded by people getting married.
Every wedding I’ve been to has its charms, but truth be told, they’re all
pretty similar. Two people are in love, invite a bunch of people, have a
ceremony, and host a party. Sometimes inside, occasionally outside, if you’re
lucky – with an open bar.

there’s one wedding I’m really looking forward to next year, and that’s the one
that my friend Mel is
Baseball-weddingconsidering on holding at the Washington Nationals
Stadium. Well, that or the Springfield Basketball Hall of Fame.
Either way, it’s a win-win for wedding guests and for the sports-loving couple!

At the Washington Nationals Stadium, part of the event
package includes batting practice for everyone! And at the Basketball Hall of
Fame, everyone can dunk basketballs – you don’t have to be Kobe Bryant tall, either,
since the basketball hoops are at varying heights.

So… should you have your wedding at a stadium? Maybe, but
you definitely have to want something a little non-traditional. Mel is still planning on wearing a white
dress, carrying flowers, and walking down an aisle… but instead of fancy swirls
and romantic patterns, her invitations and favors will be sports-themed.
Personally, I’m hoping she has a cake shaped like a ballfield or a basketball
court since we all know fun cakes taste better too.

Whichever venue Mel and Jake choose, you can bet I’ll be
sporting my favorite fan
. I’ll just have to wait for her to choose a venue before I pick out my
hat and jersey (or dress, if she
goes the traditional route). My only question is about the gift – if it’s a
sporty wedding, should I get the happy couple a sporty gift, like Celtics tickets..?

Have you been to a sports-themed wedding? If so, any tips
for a newbie?


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