One Game and You Know His Name: Strasburg

Stephen Strasburg's Major League debut Photo from

Yesterday (long before last night's game) we received a Tweet requesting LIDS carry Stephen Strasburg player t-shirts.  Like all requests we receive, we pass them along to our Buying Team where they evaluate the request and determine if it makes sense for us to purchase or restock a particular item.

After receiving the request yesterday, we went through the same process.  In this case, we already had the Stephen Strasburg shirts on order, but the shirts were not available to be shipped until he had played six innings in the Majors and was an official Major League player.  After pitching seven innings last night for the Washington Nationals where he struck out fourteen batters, not only did he become an official Major League player, but he quickly cemented his name in the minds of baseball fans everywhere. 

There was plenty of hype surrounding Strasburg's Major League debut, but whether or not he could deliver under that kind of pressure in his first Major League game was yet to be determined.  However, Strasburg squashed any doubts with last night's performance and lucky for you (and us), Strasburg shirts are now on tWashington Nationals Authentic Collection capheir way!

So if you're ever wondering whether we read each and every Tweet, Facebook post or blog comment, the answer is YES!  We constantly look for ways to hear what you, our customers, want.  Had Strasburg not been cloaked in hype or delivered such a high caliber performance, we would have looked directly to our customers to determine whether player specific product was warranted.  So thanks to all of our loyal customers out there Tweeting, Facebooking and blogging with us. 

We're excited about seeing Strasburg play in the future and imagine it won't be long before Nationals Park is littered with #37 t-shirts and jerseys.  We'll post again as soon as the Strasburg apparel arrives.  In the meantime, you can dress like Strasburg and other Nationals players with the Washington Nationals Authentic Collection cap at LIDS.