#OfficeRivals Week 1 – For Bare Feet

After the first week of the season we kick off our #OfficeRivals series with our feet on the line. Thanks to For Bare Feet, we were able to exchange socks and make each other rep our most hated team. Continue reading for our week 1 breakdowns and if you want some awesome team socks head to Locker Room by LIDS and pick up a pair from For Bare Feet.


Zach – Appalachian State 34 – #5 TSUN 32… Sorry, I just wanted to *ake sure that entire state up north didn’t forget that happened #ThanksLloyd. Unfortunately for Buckeye fans across the country like *yself Appalachian State could not relive the *agic of 2007 in the re*atch this past weekend. As punish*ent for TSUN scheduling a cupcake first ga*e vs a FCS school I have to wear these Four Bare Feet socks all day. We will all see how good TSUN is this weekend when they play their final ga*e vs ND. As painful as this is, I have to root against the B1G to save *yself fro* further TSUN product in *y cube.


Tyler – Week 1 and Ohio shows they are un-American in defeating the brave men and women who serve our country at sea. Navy put up a good fight early but in the end the axis of evil prevailed. The win marks the 25th consecutive regular season win for Ohio and marks me reconsidering this bet for the second consecutive year. I have faith in a Freshman QB showing he is a freshman this week against the Hokies. Hokie Hokie Hokie Hy!

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