#OfficeRivals – A new year

Office rivalries are  a common workplace occurrence. When you work at a sports company they are sometimes escalated. My biggest rival is Zach Roop. Not only because we are both on the marketing team and have to sit by each other, but also because I have to look at his Ohio merchandise covered desk.

Zach's desk

Zach’s desk

Seeing Zach’s desk gave me an idea, what if every time Michigan won a game, obviously happens a lot, Zach had to put a Michigan item in his cube. In return I would put an Ohio item in my cube every time they won. This idea sparked a very heated prank war.

The first couple weeks we put tiny things like hats and sticker. It quickly escalated to  posters, desktop wallpapers and even replacing Zach’s keyboard and mouse. The game really took a turn after the Northwestern game last season. A buyer gave me the best item in my expansive Michigan collection, a three foot tall Bo Schembechler bobble head.


3′ Tall Bo Bobble head

This lead to the game, the last game of the regular season, Michigan vs Ohio. We agreed before hand that whoever won would be able to remove all remnants of the losing team from their cube. Since I had used Bo as my last item Zach also wanted to be allow the winner to place one more item to be placed in the losers cube. Filled with confidence in my team and their ability to run Ohio perfect seasons I agreed. After Michigan lost I realized the gravity of my mistake. Zach had came in two hours early for work that Monday and had set up the greatest retaliation he could think of.

The Ohio Christmas tree in my cube

Needless to say, I have been waiting all year to get Zach back for having to work around a Christmas tree full of Ohio ornaments for a month. This year we want to get you all involved in the action. The rules are the same, each Michigan win equals pain for Zach and vice versa, only this year we are taking it up a notch. We reached out to our many vendors and asked them to send product for us to use in our bet. The response was so amazing that it won’t just be one item per week, we will be effecting each others work space with multiple products each week. Come back to the blog each week to see what torture we inflict on each other with each victory, and in the comments below give us some ideas for different pranks we can play.