Michael Jordan Baseball Hats: Paying Homage to His Airness

It’s all been but a formality – but on Friday, September 11th, Michael Jordan will finally be officially inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.  Most would agree that number 23 is the greatest basketball player of all time, but his impact on the sport might actually be less than his impact on the sports apparel world.


While some could make a legitimate argument that Jordan isn’t the greatest hoops player ever, there may be no argument against him being the greatest pitchman of all time. Among his several marketing accomplishments, Jordan is probably most known for elevating Nike into one of the most recognized and richest brands in the world.  MJ’s influence is so powerful that Nike gave him his own Jordan Brand line of gear featuring his familiar Jumpman logo.

Before conquering the world, Jordan began crafting his legend at North Carolina, making Tar HeelMichael Jordan Blue a championship color.  He then graduated to the NBA to create more highlight reels and build a dynasty in a Chicago Bulls uniform,
turning red and black into the most sought-after color combination in
the fashion world.  The popularity of the Jordan-Bulls look got so big,
it was speculated that the world’s supply of red thread was in danger.

While most would like the forget the Michael Jordan baseball experiment, he no doubt helped inspire sales of Chicago White Sox and Birmingham Barons Hats before returning to the Bulls.

Michael JordanMichael Jordan

Jordan’s third act on the court in D.C. was not much more memorable than his baseball venture, but he did make the Washington Wizards a fashionable item for a short time, if not a playoff contender. These days, Jordan is a part-time owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, but he hasn’t used his status as a marketing icon for the team, staying mostly behind the scenes. It’ll be interesting to see if that changes.

So…Lids readers, how much homage are you paying to His Airness these days? Do you have a favorite Michael Jordan-inspired hat – maybe something you might match with your Air Jordan sneakers? He hasn’t played in the NBA since 2003, but do you still want to want to Be Like Mike?