By Glenn Campbell, Hat World/LIDS Co-Founder & Executive Vice President, @Wear_a_lid

GlennMarch Madness: My favorite time of the year.  At LIDS, we have been celebrating this day since the inception of our company.  We’d show up early to get started on our work, and then take the rest of the day off and head to our favorite wing joint to hold down some tables, grab some beverages and enjoy the “Madness.”

Oh…there are legendary days in the history of Hat World and LIDS when it comes to the first day of the tournament.   Over the years we’ve had some great vendor support by guys like Dane Marr, Brad Warble, Mike Bailey, Chuck Looker, Andy Moss, Tim Isaacson, Steve Heath and others whose names escape me.  Some of the best times we ever had were at Neon Johnnies (no longer in business). They had the best pizza and wings in the city, no doubt.  We’d own the place from 11am until 9pm, and run up legendary tabs that will go down in Indianapolis March Madness lore.  We’d all have our brackets filled out and argue all day long over who knew more about college basketball.   We usually agreed to disagree, but we always enjoyed the day!

March Madness is a tradition like no other, especially in the state of Indiana.   As the company has gotten bigger it is almost impossible to shut the doors and have everything come to a halt like we did in the old days.   Still, the diehards will get to work Thursday a little early and leave a little before 11am, head to the new spot, Buffalo Wild Wings or Wings and Rings, and carry on the tradition.

For the first time in 17 years, I will not be in Indianapolis to watch the tip off of this great event because I will be traveling stores in Chicago.   To all those diehards at LIDS in Indy: save me a seat, a plate of wings and an ice cold beverage!  You never know, I just may take a detour and stop by!