Major League Gaming Hats Coming Soon

Lids Blog Readers–Have you ever heard of the only digital sports league in America? Well for those of you who haven’t it’s Major League Gaming or MLG.

Major League Gaming, founded in 2002, is a North American professional video gaming league.  Not only does MLG host video game battles online for thousands of gamers, but the MLG Pro Circuit features a multi-city, live competition tour for video game enthusiasts throughout the United States and Canada.  MLG has even had tournaments broadcast on national television, and other prominent broadband websites.

Lids has jumped on board with MLG. On November 15, 2009, four exclusive MLG hat styles will be available in select Lids stores and online at  Below is a sneak peak for three of the four hat styles that will be available.  Check out Lids locations that will be carrying these exclusive MLG hats!


To find out more info about Major League Gaming and Lids’ exclusive MLG hats, check out Happy Gaming!