Love is Blind… Rivalries Aren’t

Many a relationship has blossomed from an innocent first glance shared from across the way.  Love at first sight is a real thing, especially when you’re young and naive.  When this happens, you not only fall, you fall hard and fast for the stranger that has unexpectedly captured your heart and soul.  But keep this in mind when a look becomes a chat, a chat becomes a conversation, and a conversation becomes a day enjoying each other’s company; don’t overlook a glaringly obvious issue that could be a relationship ender.  Something like, oh, team allegiance!

Love is blind… team loyalty is not.

If you find yourself in this situation, and you’re left in the inevitable position of standing on the doorstep wondering what went wrong, remember that we’re always here for you with the latest and greatest in fashionable team hats and gear.  And parents, it never hurts to make sure your kids are dressed in team apparel to help ensure they meet a boyfriend or girlfriend you’d approve of.

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