#LIDSfashionfriday Tips + Trends

by Shelby S.

Ballpark Essentials for the Female Fan

Ladies. It’s OPENING WEEK! The MLB season is brand new. Your man has been glued to his phone, getting score alerts during dinner, and he just bought tickets for you two to go to a game. It’s exciting stuff because seriously is there anything better than a ballpark hot dog on a warm sunny day?

These are some Ballpark Essentials that you can find in one of our Locker Room locations today.

Date Night at BallparkDate Night at the Park

Cubs MLB Women’s Sparkle Stripe T-Shirt 16

This shirt goes PERFECTLY with your dark jean, casual wedges, and don’t forget your sweater for when the sun sets!

You’ll be looking good enjoying your pop corn and cold beverage on a hot summer night.


Spending the Day at the Park

Cubs MLB Women’s Sparkle Stripe T-Shirt 16

Spending the Day at Ballpark

Yep! It’s the same shirt, but works perfectly in a different situation. It may be a hot day at the ball park but that doesn’t mean you have to style down your look! This top is cool and would be great with a pair of navy short, designer shoes, and accessories.

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Fans, our mission is to bring you any team, any time, anywhere. And, with our #LIDSfashionfriday TIPS + TRENDS edition, we are going to help you stylize for ANY OCCASION.

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