Last At Bat At The Blatt

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This year’s College World Series is in full swing in Omaha, Nebraska, and 2010 marks LIDS’ 10th year there. We are sporting two locations outside famed Rosenblatt Stadium — a LIDS-branded mobile 45-foot LIDS trailer, and a 60-foot tent in the parking lot of world-famous ice cream and burger joint Zesto. The LIDS stores are located approximately half-a-mile apart on 13th Street, the main drag that runs outside the stadium and serve as bookends to all CWS foot and vehicular traffic.

The party-like atmosphere along 13th Street during the two-week event can be characterized as a mix between Marti Gras, spring break, and a NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four. A few vuvuzelas have even been heard trumpeting along 13th Street. Adding to the buzz this year is the fact that after 60 years this is the last year CWS will be played at Rosenblatt Stadium. The series will move to a brand new stadium in downtown Omaha next year making this year the “last at bat at the Blatt.”

Making their first-ever appearance at CWS, Texas Christian (TCU) has emerged as the local fan favorite, and LIDS has been rocking loads of Horned Frogs product.

Five teams currently remain in the eight-team double elimination tournament. You can follow all the action on ESPN through the end of the month.

LIDS wants to know if you have ever been to the College World Series. Any ex-players out there? What are your fondest memories of Omaha and The Blatt?

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