Kenny Chesney and the Franchise Hat

Kenny Chesney is in Indianapolis for his final concert of the year tomorrow.  He is wrapping up hisKenny Chesney summer tour and I’m pumped that I get to attend!  Granted, I’ve seen Kenny in concert more than ten times, but I love him!  The fact that he won’t be touring next year means that I’ve got to get my Kenny fix to last me a whole year.  In preparation for the concert, I’ve been listening to Kenny songs, watching music videos and reading up on him. I can’t flippin’ wait!

Kenny definitely has a signature look: a cutoff t-shirt, tight jeans, cowboy boots and who can forget the COWBOY HAT!  However, in all my “research” I’ve noticed that when Kenny isn’t wearing a cowboy hat, he typically has on a Franchise hat.  He sings about a “Red Sox cap” in She’s from Boston and even sports a Franchise hat in several of his music videos.  He is constantly seen rocking Tennessee Volunteers hats (hometown: Luttrell, TN), Boston Red Sox hats and a number of local teams for the city in which he is touring.

Kenny ChesneyThe Franchise hat, a relaxed, easy-fitted cap, is the perfect choice for Kenny.  This beach-bum cowboy is laid back and down to earth, yet spirited…just like the Franchise hat.  In my opinion, Kenny looks good in anything, but he definitely knows how to rock a baseball cap!  It’s easy to see why the Franchise hat is Kenny’s go-to hat when he’s not wearing a cowboy hat.

I hope to see lots of you out at the concert rockin’ to Kenny and sportin’ your hats!  I know I will!

Lids Readers, what other concerts are you looking forward to attending?  Are there other musicians or celebrities that you rarely see without a hat?  I love hat wearing celebrities…especially when I get to see them in concert!

Kenny Chesney wears a Franchise hat.
(Above) Kenny rocks his Franchise hats all over the country!