Ken Kocher hires passionate employees at LIDS – Smart Business Indianapolis

Out on newsstands this month, LIDS President Ken Kocher is featured in the Indianapolis installment of Smart KK_05Business. In the issue, which can also be viewed online, Kocher provides readers with an insight of the LIDS culture, how the Company remained on course amid a tumultuous economy, as well as tips on setting a successful standard for developing strong leadership. “My role is on the growth side … It’s to provide avenues of growth for our company, for our employees and for our shareholders that maximize profit. I’m kind of steering the ship in the direction I feel like we should go as a team to best make use of our skill set as a company,” said Kocher.  A great tribute to LIDS’ “Have Fun, Sell Hats” mindset, the article also reinforces the importance of earning employee buy-in and maintaining a competitive environment.