It’s Tailgate Time!

IU Tailgate TossThe chill of fall can only mean one thing…tailgate time!  Whether you're a college football fanatic or love to watch the pros play on Sunday, football season is tailgate season!  Of course, the game is important, but just as important are the pregame rituals that bond fans past and present.

This weekend, I'll be heading down to Bloomington, Ind., home of the Indiana Hoosiers, to watch them take on the undefeated Michigan Wolverines.  As excited as I am to see these unbeaten teams face off, I'm also pumped up for the pregame festivities.

It'll all start at 7:30am on Saturday when our individual contributions transform into a well-stocked five car caravan.  Like any good tailgater, we'll be armed with enough food and beverages to feed a small village.  However, what separates professional tailgaters from the occasional parking-lot-partier is all in the details.   Tables bearing red and white tablecloths, pennants and team flags will be covered with team can coozies and tons of great eats.  Bean bag toss boards will be scattered around waiting for the next challenger.  Michigan Tailgate Table Tailgate tables will serve as the center of attention for party games and conversation about the game.  We'll take a break from the tailgate action just long enough to see the team take The Walk, listen to the band play and take a peak into the storied Assembly Hall.  After we've put in a full day festivities, we'll enter the newly renovated Memorial Stadium and watch the Hoosiers defend The Rock.  Despite the outcome of the game, we plan on making the day a great day of camraderie with friends, family and tailgate fun!

Each team has traditions and rituals that make the tailgating experience unique.  What schools/teams have you visited with the most unique tailgating rituals?  Do you tailgate more often for college or NFL games?