Who Would Have Guessed…?


How is your bracket looking? If it’s anything like mine, it’s probably not looking too good.  If someone were to have told me that two #1 seeds would already be knocked out of the tournament, one region would have 3 of their 4 Sweet Sixteen teams at double digit seeds, and that Duke would get Kyrie Irving back but wouldn’t make it to the Elite Eight, I would have told them that they were crazy.  I guess that’s why this month is coupled with the term “Madness”.  Being a senior at Butler University, I am a huge favorite of under”dawgs” and upsets, but even I couldn’t have dreamed up what has unfolded so far.  Not only have two powerhouses, Duke and Pitt, been taken down, but there are still four double-digit seeds going strong, one of which will get knocked out today when VCU takes on Florida State.

Last year, Butler got a title as a “Cinderella” team with their sprint to the national title game, and many people have been talking about who will be this years Butler.  Of course, I would say that Butler is this years Butler; however, the way things are looking, we might have more than one Cinderella team on our hands as we get closer to that final game.  Which underdog team, or teams, do you think can pull out a big upset and don the term Cinderella?

One thing is for sure: Whether your team is an underdog or a top seed predicted to win it all, in the month of March, anything can happen. Some call it luck, others call it madness. But, all remaining teams have gotten there for a reason and they certainly aren’t going to back down now.  Richmond guard Kevin Anderson, who plays the Kansas Jayhawks tonight, told reporters: “You don’t get to the Sweet 16 and decide that’s good enough. That’s not really a goal. I don’t want to sell our hard work short. Everyone’s saying we’re lucky to be in the Sweet 16, we’re lucky Morehead State beat Louisville. We want to prove those people wrong. What better way to do that than by beating Kansas?”

Who knows what will happen next? Could Richmond pull off a huge upset?  How many more buzzer beater shots will we see?  Who are your picks now that the field has been narrowed? Whatever happens, make sure to check in with us for all your game time headwear and get ready to cheer on your favorites!