Hump Day Must Haves: Before The Puck Drops

Hey Hockey Fans, October 12th is next week and we can officially start obsessing about hockey. Weather is getting cooler now we are officially in the Fall season, so grab some official NHL gear from Lids so you’re ready to cheer on your team next time they hit the ice! We have knits, hoodies and zip ups so you’ll be warm while you rep your NHL team this season!


We are really digging these Reebok NHL Men’s CCM Pullover Hoodies. They have the jersey look but will keep you warm whether you’re inches from the ice or out with friends this season. Really complete your look as #1 hockey fan with a Zephyr NHL Roader Mesh Cap. Relaxed dad hat style, perfect to where anytime, anywhere.


Okay let’s focus on knits. You know Lids loves hats and we have the best hats for fall and winter. Temperature is dropping and it’s the perfect time for a new knit hat sporting your favorite hockey team. Stand out with a ’47 NHL Static Knit with a festive pom on top! Or stick with the classic beanie knit style like the Reebok NHL Player Knit. Bold city text with the NHL team logo, perfect for game day on the ice.


Because we love hockey gear so much, we have to leave you with another winning NHL gear combo. When a hoodie won’t cut it, get warm with a Reebok NHL Men’s Center Ice Rink Jacket. We love the bold color on the shoulders and the quality will definitely keep any NHL fan warm this season. And because you shouldn’t leave without a hat, grab a beanie. Like we mentioned above, the Reebok NHL Player Knit is a perfect cold weather hat to wear this season.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on all the awesome NHL fan gear we have. Head on over to to find your hockey team and gear up before the puck drops. The NHL season drops next week, make sure you’re ready. Lids has your back.

What game will you be watching next Wednesday Oct. 12th? Join us in the NHL excitement on Twitter @Lids.