#HonoringHistory – Part 3

To continue to celebrate Black History Month, we bring you Part 3 to our Honoring History Series. Catch links to our previous 2 posts here…

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So many athletes have transcended their sport, in our previous 2 posts we have focused on those athletes, but this week we wanted to focus on those who helped inspire and motivate the masses on the sidelines and in the media.

Stuart Scott

It is hard to describe in words what Stuart meant to fans everywhere. It’s hard even to flip your pillow over without thinking of one of his most signature taglines from Sportscenter. But his message, his swagger, and his passion was taken to a new level when he taught us all exactly how to BEAT cancer.

I don’t think anyone will ever forget his speech at the ESPY’S, his moment with his daughter, and the lesson he left us that dying is not LOSING, the way to BEAT an illness is by living your days to the fullest no matter what obstacles may be in your way.

Thanks, Stu.

Robin Roberts

Robin, like Stuart, transcends her role in the media around sport. She uses her platform to inspire women (and men) everywhere to keep a smile on their face, to attack every day with joy, and that life is fun.

Sports fans will always remember her days on Sportscenter, and now she uses her role on Good Morning America to begin our days on a positive note. We can’t thank Robin enough for her addition to the sports world, for waging her own battle against illness, and teaching us that all humans are equal.

Tony Dungy

Coach Dungy did succeed on the field, but many sports fans remember him with a headset on, donning a calm demeanor, and a work ethic to match anyone in the coaching world.

Coach Dungy did more than exemplify hard work, integrity, and dedication, he taught us how to maintain attitude even in the darkest of situations. Having to deal with the tragedy of losing his son, many of us would have understood if he went inward and stayed out of the spotlight. Instead, he took ownership of his platform to become one of the lead spokesman for All Pro Dad.

These three are prime examples of individuals who seized their platform to the fullest, to spark change, and teach us all plenty of valuable lessons.


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