Hat Cleaning Tips and Tricks

After a few years of regular wear and tear, your hats may begin looking a little, um, broken in. Mystery stains and dirt can find a way to ruin the hats of even the most careful hat owner. Not to worry, help is here. Use these basic hat cleaning tips and tricks to help keep your favorite caps in tip top shape!


For quick touch ups, a Cap Brush is the way to go. These are the perfect tool to remove lint, dust and pet hair in a pinch. The brush is gentle enough that it won’t ruin or discolor the fabric. First, test it on an inconspicuous area on cap. Rub the brush over the cap, starting at the top, and working down to the edge. It works best if the brush is used in the same direction in a repetitive motion. Having a Brush Cap is a must to make sure your hat is always looking its best!

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Keep your hat looking new from day one by protecting it from the start! Our water and stain repellent helps clean, maintain, and protect your caps. Grab one in a spray or aerosol can. Also, to keep your cap fresh, the deodorizer and cap cleaner keeps your hat smelling its best and helps with removing small stains!



St. Louis Blues Mitchell and Ness NHL Wool Solid Snapback Cap

When your cap needs a more heavy duty cleansing, we suggest using the Ball Cap Buddy.  The Buddy keeps your hats form when using a washing machine or the top rack of the dishwasher. Washing Machines without the center agitator work best. Best practice tip: Avoid soap and detergents with bleach so you don’t discolor your cap. If you own a 100% wool hat, its best to avoid the washers. Dry cleaning is your best option, or spot washing in the sink. Avoid rubbing wool hats too hard or it’ll mess up the wool texture. Keep in mind, wool hats WILL SHRINK. So if you wash it, wear it on your head for awhile to ensure the perfect fit.




LIDS Lids Cap Collector 15

The best way to protect your prized possession from dust and stains when you’re not wearing your hats is to properly store them! Check out these awesome New Era Cap Carriers from Lids! Each can hold up to 6 hats, so whether you’re traveling or just need a safe space for your hats, these carriers will keep them from getting smashed and protect them from the elements! You can find them here. Another cool way to display your hats where you can grab one and go is the Lids Cap Collector 15. You can mount this on your door or wall for easy display and storage! We know some Lids fans have HUGE collections, so we’d love you see how to store your hats!

We hope these tips help keep your hats in the best shape possible so you can keep enjoying them! Your lucky baseball cap can now look better and smell better with these quick and easy steps! You have hat cleaning tip you swear by? Let us know! Pass on the hat knowledge so all our hat fans can protect their lids!