Got the blues?

LIDS has got the blues…and recommends you get them, too. Egh?

Blues as in the (blue) LIDS Club card.

Now through April 25, 2010 will waive the normal $5 LIDS Club annual fee for new members or slackers who let your membership expire. In addition, will hook you up with free ground shipping when you spend $50 or more through April 25. Just enter discount code FREECLUB at check out.

Current LIDS Club members: You’ve already got the blues but wants to make you feel even more blue by offering you 25% off orders through April 25. Just enter discount code LOYALTYPAYS at check out. This discount cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

Membership in the LIDS Club guarantees you year-round savings of 20% off hats and custom embroidery, and 10% off apparel and accessories. Register your LIDS Club card at and receive special offers and additional benefits. Get the full skinny about the LIDS Club on or call us at 1-888-564-HATS (4287).

LIDS Club discounts apply year-round on and the following stores:

LIDS HATWORLD HatShack   Sports Fanattic  LIDSLockerRoom