Goodbye to a legend

Today is the day a pop icon will be laid to rest.  Despite the fact Michael Jackson died almost two weeks ago and coverage of the story is all the media seems to have followed over the past 12 days, it still seems so surreal to me.  Maybe once the memorial service is over and the dust begins to clear a little, I will be able to believe the King of Pop is gone and we're left with only his legacy.  And his amazing music. 

We know the impact his life had on pop music and music videos but I wonder what sort of impact his death will have on pop culture.  Within hours of announcing his death, the 25th anniversary reissue of Thriller was the number 1 album sold on  I think we'll also see a resurgence of Michael's flashy fashion sense.  Maybe studded, cropped jackets?  Maybe we'll even see a single white glove worn by those a little more daring?  I definitely think we'll see more fedoras.  This is a trend that has been happening for a while anyway.  Watching all the media coverage of Michael's life and death I realized how frequently he rocked some sort of fedora.  Then searching today, I couldn't believe the number of mourners and fans that were wearing them.  Tribute or fashion I'm not sure, but I think we can definitely expect this style to be even more prevalent in the coming weeks and months.  (The first three pictures are from LA this week) 


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Thank you Michael!