Football Uniforms…

 Are you
ready for some football?

It is finally starting to cool down which reminds me that
fall…and football season… is right around the corner.  With pre-season underway and Fantasy Football  drafts done, I’m quite excited.  Like most avid sports fans, I arrange my
weekend around football games: for me it is Notre Dame on Saturday
(hopefully, it won’t be as bad as last year) and the Colts on Sunday. 

On Saturdays, I typically get calls from old college friends
who are also watching the games.  We’ll
talk on the phone and reminisce about game day traditions, tailgating and the time we met
Dickie V…of course, we talk about  the
game too.  I may not be in South Bend anymore, but I’m always decked out in my
own game day uniform.  It usually
consists of my #83 jersey (Jeff Samardzjia, now pitching in the Chicago Cubs system), a Notre Dame
, some very worn, comfortable, holey jeans that should have probably been thrown away and a pair of flip-flops or tennis shoes–depending on how
late in the season it is.  It always
makes me miss the good old days that weren’t so long ago, but sometimes seem
that way.  I may not be at every home
game anymore, but I’ve still got my game day uniform and the memories to go
with it. 

Do you have a favorite game day outfit?  How about any superstitions with what you
wear, where you sit or what you eat? 

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