Flashback Friday: Retro Cubs & Indians Hats

World Series is officially here and it’s hard to deny the momentous energy coming from the Cubs and Indians fan base. The Indians haven’t won a World Series since 1948 and well… you know the Cubs have been in a World Series drought since 1908. So we here at Lids decided to do a flashback friday and take a look back at some of the various logos used throughout history. So if you’re into a retro look to rep your team for the World Series this year, we have some hats for you.

Cubs fans, take a walk through history with some of our ’47 hats with some classic cubs logos. Or you can always go with the New Era 2016 World Series Patch Hat



Get a true classic with this MLB Cooperstown Clean Up ’47 Hat, that features the 1908 classic Chicago Cubs logo. This was the logo was also featured throughout the early 1900s. A true retro for a true fan! hwl

A true Cubs fan will love this New Era MLB Core Classic Hat that has the primary logo from the 70s til the early 90s.


Whether your cap is new or old, nothing makes your hat pop like adding your own personalized touch.


Indians fans, we have you covered too with some classic logo hats! Rally together with a classic hat logo from the Indians!


We love this New Era MLB Coop 39THIRTY Hat from the early 2000s with the cursive I. A more recent logo sure, but surely a classic.


Or a true classic, grab this MLB Cooperstown Clean Up ’47 Cap with Cleveland C that was used on the caps in the 1970s!


Don’t forget, when you pick up your hat for the World Series, you can get it customized at your local Lids store! From player signatures to your nickname, the possibilities are endless!




What era has your favorite logo? If you get a custom hat, share it with us on Twitter @Lids! We want to see your unique cap!