Fidget Spinners are Here – Get Your Team at LIDS

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or are completely out of touch when it comes to popular trends, you’ve heard of the Fidget Spinner craze that’s taken over schools, playgrounds and now, water coolers and office cubicles.  These aggravatingly addictive finger toys have become the go-to cure for boredom and restlessness for children (and adults) of all ages.  But as you can see in the animated GIF below, these 3-way fidget spinners can serve another purpose, showing off your team spirit!

Sure, these twirling toys may be the bane of teachers and assistant principals everywhere, but it’s summer now, so get one and spin to your heart’s content.  As an adult, just don’t let the boss catch you fidgeting on company time, unless of course you can entertain co-workers with a few of the spectacular spinner tricks available on YouTube.

Stop by your local mall and visit a Lids or Locker Room by Lids store today to pick up your favorite team spinner, or shop on to get in on the pop culture phenomenon that lets you celebrate sports and demonstrate your digit dexterity at the same time.