#FashionFriday: Meet Profit x Loss

#FashionFriday is back and better than ever introducing you to our dear friends from across the pond – Profit x Loss. Top of the line, quality, and success at all costs are three quick ways to describe this brand and those who wear this style.

But we will let Profit x Loss speak for themselves.

Profit X Loss – success at all cost from PXL on Vimeo.

Profit X Loss… is an ethos, a commitment to a cause
What will you sacrifice in order to achieve your goals…?

The brand represents the hustle, the late nights and long hours necessary to succeed. To become the overnight success…

Profit X Loss is a premium menswear brand, interpreting streetwear and staple sportswear silhouettes with a British slant.

Launched in London, England, the brand has built a strong following online and a rapidly growing network of premium stores across the UK, the USA, Canada and Dubai.

We were able to sit down with the folks at Profit x Loss to dive deeper into this thought about ethos and brand, and here is what they had to say!

LIDS: If you could describe your brand in 1 sentence, what would it be?
Profit x Loss: Profit X Loss is an ethos, a commitment to a cause…what will you sacrifice in order to achieve your goals?

L: What inspired you to create your brand/this style?
PxL: We’ve been obsessed with the streetwear culture since early. So to be part of it, to add to it and to live this culture is a blessing.

L: What sets these hats apart from anything else that is on shelves?
PxL: No1. Our approach is slightly different, we’re not skaters or gangsters or drop outs. We represent the hustlers, the young entrepreneurs, the business minded and success orientated youth.

And No2. Of course we use premium fabrics including leathers, suedes and metal badges – the levels are high!

L: What are your dreams and goals for the brand?
PxL: To create great product… to build a brand that really stands for something and lasts the test of time. Plus it’s really important for us to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. We visit youth prisons, schools and colleges to let people know that starting a business isn’t just for people who get to go to college and good schools. It’s for everyone!

And finally, it would be great to make Nicky Diamonds money as we go!!!

L: If you could say one thing to the fans of your hats, what would it be?

PxL: Three things! We appreciate the love, look out for more coming soon – we’re just getting started!

And follow us @profitxloss

Check out all of the Profit x Loss styles live online now – lids.com.

Have any questions for the folks at Profit X Loss, hit them up on Twitter @profitxloss using the #FashionFriday hashtag!