#FashionFriday: Meet Melin Brand

They were featured in the latest #LIDShatdrop where Boyd said, “If you don’t know Melin Brand, then shame on you.”

Well, allow us to introduce you.

Meet Melin Brand

We also had the pleasure of asking Brian McDonell, the Founder of Melin Brand a few questions. Here is the WHY behind Melin Brand

LIDS: Brian, if you could describe your brand in 1 sentence, how would you put it?

Brian McD: We are a premium headwear brand from Southern California who set out to make the world’s best hats with a focus on materials, details and innovation.


L: What inspired you to create Melin Brand?

B McD: We started the brand because there has never been a premium option of hats in the style we like to wear. There are superior watches, shoes, clothing, accessories, footwear but never a quality cap. This is what motivates us to be the best and what we live for. 


A first impression is a lasting impression. We wanted a premium impression for customers to have the best materials in the world.  Last week we were with Von Miller, Super Bowl MVP and he’ll even tell you himself, and we quote “Who said hats can’t be made out of the finest material”.


L: What sets these hats apart from anything else that is on shelves?

B McD: We set an entirely new standard with our headwear due to the way we build our products. The brand elevates the experience through a focus on comfort, style and innovative materials and details. This includes… not only our premium headwear, but also the way our products are packaged in custom display boxes as well as the way we treat our customers. Like family.


“Being a part of Melin Brand is something that is earned. Everything Melin does is super extravagant, first-class, has finesse to-it like no other. It’s an honor to wear a Melin hat and to know that they put in so much time and energy into their products with a list of details. They earned it and people like wearing things that they have earned. If you’ve worked for it, it feels better. I’m Melin till I die.” – Ryan Sheckler

Everyone at Melin is passionate about our objective. Raise the status quo in the headwear category but to always have fun along the way.

L:What are your dreams and goals for the brand?

B McD: You see a lot of brands come and go. Melin has always been something bigger than just quality hats. Our goal is to create a dynasty brand, and a movement through this brand based on positivity and inspiration. We hope to inspire millions to pursue their dreams and strive for greatness.

“The motto for Melin ‘This Is Earned’ fits really well for me. I was a little kid living in Puerto Rico dreaming of becoming a big leaguer and here I am today playing for the Dodgers. I’m living my dream and working hard. It goes hand in hand for Melin. These guys started small and dedicated themselves to become something big. They followed their dream, worked hard and continued to build and build. They’re in a bunch of stores, LIDS which was a big goal for them and even in Dodger stadium which is pretty cool.”  – Kike Hernandez



L: If you could say one thing to the fans of your hats, what would it be?

B McD: Thank you for being an individual and for demanding more for yourself.


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