#FashionFriday: Meet Business As Usual

Welcome back to another installment of #FashionFriday! Each edition focuses on a brand you may have missed on our shelves or one that is climbing the charts on our website. This week we feature a young brand ready to make a major impact, Business As Usual, driven by a creative genius Frank “The Butcher” Rivera! Speaking of Frank we got a chance to catch up with him to gain some insight to his brand and what it means to rep Business As Usual!


Lids: Can you give us a little intro to who Frank The Butcher is and how your creative opportunities from music lead you to your involvement in fashion/designing?

Frank “The Butcher” Rivera: Music is at the center of everything I do and will do. Even when it’s not technically doing music, it still inspires and informs all that I do – especially fashion and design. I’m exercising the same muscle. Make a beat, create a graphic or design a shoe.
L: What inspired the name, Business As Usual?

FR: It was a response to all the adversity one faces when trying to develop their own “thing”. Whether you’re or a music producer just coming up or a design student hoping for that internship at a shoe company, don’t let anyone take you off your path. Continue to move forward as if it was “business as usual”.
L: If you could describe your brand in 1 sentence, what would it be?
FR: Business as Usual Eat What You Kill.
L: What drove you to create this brand? 

FR: I needed a home for all my creative ventures – music, fashion, design, directing and whatever else I’m inspired to do. I have a wide appetite so I had to open my own restaurant.

L: Can you give a little insight to the mantra of “Eat What You Kill” and BAU emulates it?

FR: The overall message is to get up, go out and get it. A hunter doesn’t wait for the deer to fall into his plate. I want these phrases to inspire forward movement. If I can do it – anyone can.

L: You come with quite an extensive resume that branches into many fields, how can your skills in other fields help you with the future of BAU?

FR: All my experiences become tools to create. For example, I’ve directed fashion content pieces and art directed look books. When it’s time to drop a music project on BAU, I have an understanding of executing these things. Those skills now roll into music videos and album photography. Bo Jackson style.


L: What are your dreams and goals for the brand?

FR: To continue to build a platform that’s equal parts record label, apparel brand and creative agency.

L: What will be the thing that sets these hats apart from anything else on the shelves?

FR: They’re less about self-promotion and more about self-motivation. This message resonates across all age groups and demographics. Designed to be clean classic with a sport heritage feel but with just enough attitude.

L: You took a slightly different route than most to get to where you are today, what would you say to someone who asked for direction on achieving their dreams?

FR: I tell people that their journey is tailored to their circumstances – but that doesn’t mean you can’t step out of that and find a better path. I did.

What is the one accomplishment that you are most proud of?

My daughter just entered her second year of art school. First in my family to go to college. That beats any personal accolade.


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