Fashion Hats and Fedoras at the US Open

The US Open Tennis Championships have been a hot spot for celebrities recently.  With so many photographers around, celebs have been working hard to look fashionable without being too overdone.  The celebrities in attendance have been sporting all the latest fashion looks…including fashion hats!  Here are just a few of the celebs that were rockin' hats and lookin' good.

View fedora hats like Nicole Kidman's hat

Actress Nicole Kidman and hubby/musician Keith Urban look on while enjoying some tennis action.  Kidman is seen wearing a fedora with oversized sunglasses.  Looking casual and sophisticated, like Nicole, is easy with fedoras and trilbys. 

View military hats like Seann Williams Scott's hat

(Right) Seann Williams Scott, best known as Stifler from the 1999 movie American Pie, was seen sporting a military style hat at the US Open.  This military hat has just enough style to take a look from boring basics to effortlessly trendy.  Scott has amped up his look by adding a simple military cap to his plaid shirt and jeans.

(Below) Famed singer Tony Bennett sat with a posh group (Ralph Lauren is right above him) at the US Open.  Bennett looked polished, yet relaxed with the addition of a white driver's cap to his navy blue suit and tie.  Over 50 years after Bennett's first album (Because of You, July 1952), Bennett still looks fresh!


View ivy hats like Tony Bennett's hat

Lids Readers, do you have a favorite fashion hat or fashion style that you like to wear?  Whose look do you like best: Nicole, Sean or Tony's?  Celebrity fashion always seems to infiltrate "everyday wear" for us "normal people," but this is one look we can wrap our head's around!