Fashion Friday: Operation Hat Trick

They Promised to Defend. We Promise to Support.

This week’s Fashion Friday features a brand we love with an added bonus of giving back. November is Operation Hat Trick (OHT) Month and we here at Lids want to bring attention to some awesome hats and cause for Veterans Day. Check these hats out:

lids_oht_november_social_1200x630_aSo what is Operation Hat Trick? The mission of OHT is to generate awareness and support for the recovery of service members who return home from war. Proceeds from the sales of these OHT hats are donated to selected organizations that support wounded service members and veterans. One of those organizations this year is the Travis Mills Foundation.  Travis Mills a veteran and quadruple amputee, has a goal to provide safe spaces where other wounded military member and their familes can play outside and heal with good company. His Foundation is a prime example of good that can be done with OHT funds.Want to learn more? Check out for more info.



lids_oht_november_social_1080x1080_cRep your favorite NCAA team or go classic with the American flag. Each hat has the traditional camp print with ‘OHT’ stitched on the back. Show support for those who served with an OHT hat this Veteran’s Day.

ohtfalgexclusive oht-flag

We have different styles, so you can find the best fit. Would you like to support Operation Hat Trick? Check out the hats we have online here. Or if you stop by our stores, they will continue to accept donations through canisters and the register!

Repping an OHT hat this Veteran’s Day? We want to see it! Tag us in your social media posts to show your Vet support!