Fans enjoy playoffs with potential lockout looming

NFL_Wallpaper_ii4hkFans are taking in all the football they can during this year's playoffs. According to the lastest television ratings, NFL fans are viewing in record numbers this playoff season.  While the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers game is a huge rivalry game, others fans are tuning in because they aren't sure the next time they'll get their football fix.  With talks of a lockout still looming after this NFL season wraps up, football lovers are soaking it all in. 

The league's collective bargaining agreement will expire on March 4 and many believe that a strike will follow.  With a relatively short amount of time remaining to mend the broken bridge, fans and players are concerned that there may not be a 2011-2012 NFL season. While it remains to be seen whether or not the issues will be resolved before next season, at least we have two great games that are heading our way this weekend. So instead of worrying about next year, gear up in full force and cheer on your favorite remaining team while you still can!

From one concerned fan to another, do you think next year's season will play out as scheduled?  If the NFL season is interrupted, what will you do or watch to occupy your time?