Crashed Ice: Hot or Not?

Red Bull Crashed Ice It is common for sports fans during the Olympics to debate their favorite Olympic sport or suggest new competitions that should be introduced.  Clearly the popularity of the XGames indicates the world likes a certain amount of change from time to time.  A LIDS staffer recently stumbled upon a relatively new and obscure winter sport: Crashed Ice.  Below is a kickin’ YouTube link, but basically it’s a wild cross between hockey and snowboardcross…and looks waaay “cool”!  Four racers at a time, dressed in hockey equipment, whip down what looks like a large bobsled run, battling to stay on their skates.  They hurdle over jumps and ledges, down steep sections and around four hairpin turns.  Quebec City in Canada – home to some of LIDS’ newest stores – is the best-known North American host city for this annual event which draws rambunctious crowds of more than 50,000.  The 2010 event is scheduled for March 20.  Did someone say, “ROADTRIP!”?

We want to know, “What do you think of Crashed Ice and should it be a new Olympic or XGames sport?”  Tell us what you think of Crashed Ice by leaving a comment for us here, on Twitter or by answering the Lids Daily Facebook Poll.  We’d love to hear from someone who has braved the ice!

Crashed Ice 2