Competition in All Aspects of the Golden Game

Ladies and gentleman, we are pulling ever so close to the 50th Anniversary of the Big Game. It’s THE GOLDEN GAME! Pitting two great teams against each other, the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.

The week leading up to the game, there is competition everywhere. Who will have the most fans in San Francisco? Players from each team battle each other in video games, and experts make their picks on who is going to have more yards offensively, force the most turnovers, and obviously predict the winner and champion.

But around our offices, we see competition from a different aspect.

Which fan base has purchased more fan gear than the other?

We have Carolina fans and Denver fans working hard and watching the numbers.

After crunching the numbers, when you total the amount of combined sales between Carolina and Denver since the start of the football season until now, here is where the head-to-head numbers stand as far as percentage of total combined sales:


Will you help Denver maintain the thin margin? Or will you be the Carolina fan to put them over the top? We will see come February 8!