Chew On This

Boston Pizza Most Americans who watch professional sports do so on a television set rather than in person. Not surprisingly, they also use major sports events like the Super Bowl and the NBA Finals (which begin today) as an excuse to throw parties and eat like linebackers.

Well the National Basketball Association is now giving fans a chance to consume something else: team logos.

Starting next season, basketball fans ordering a pizza with their favorite toppings can also get it topped with an edible logo of their beloved team for an extra five bucks. Made of sugar, starch and food coloring, each logo is designed to melt into the cheese after the pizza has been baked and sliced. Some 1,200 pizza parlors across America will be supplied with the logos.

That’s not the only logo-laden fare for fans.

The NBA is also introducing “NBA Pro Toast Toasters” this year, featuring team logos seared onto toasted sandwiches, with logo panini sandwich presses coming next year. Yes, the NBA is literally branding team logos (on bread).

Fans will find NBA team logos showing up on a wide variety of consumer items, too, due to the league’s aggressive licensing strategy. With worldwide merchandise sales coming in at about $3 billion annually, licensing has become an important revenue stream for the NBA.

The NBA is hungry for more. Sal LaRocca, NBA’s global merchandising head, tells USA Today, “As key licensing categories have matured, it’s an ongoing goal of the NBA to expand the brand into places that may attract new customers.”  So don’t be surprised if you see a professional basketball team’s logo
on… well, just about anything.

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