Calling All Fantasy Footballers

Fantasy Football NFL training camps are winding down, preseason games are underway and the excitement is palpable which can only mean one thing…Fantasy Football is almost here! 

Working in a sports oriented environment like LIDS, the banter about fantasy sports is a constant!  Whether the current league is  baseball, football, racing or even soccer there is always a league going on and trash being talked.  At times, managing multiple leagues and multiple teams can seem like a full time job (but don't tell our bosses that). 

Right now, everyone is filled with the sense that this year is going to be the year when it all comes together.  The true Fantasy Footballers are busy making their final preparations scheduling mock drafts, picking up the latest fantasy sport magazines and spending an insane amount of time on sports blogs.  Because, as we all know, true champions are made in the off-season.  

Prepare thoughtfully Fantasy Footballers, but don't forget to look the part.  Stop by LIDS today to customize an NFL hat with your Fantasy Football team name or create a Fantasy Football hat by adding a custom design to a blank hat.  Don't let your trash talking co-worker one up you, step your game up with a clever hat from LIDS. 

Real Men of Genius: Here's to You Mr. Fantasy Football Manager Guy

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What is the most extreme fantasy sports story you have?  Do you participate in a live draft or a draft online?  What are you doing to prepare for your fantasy football draft?  Who do you believe is the most underrated fantasy player that you hope to draft?