Chiddy Bang Shout Out to LIDS

At LIDS, we're constantly working to stay on top of the latest trends whether it be in fashion, music or sports.  Ultimately, it helps us provide the most fashionable headwear and…well…it's fun.

Chiddy Bang PostIn our quest for all things cool, hip, sick and ill, we stumbled upon Chiddy Bang.  Chiddy Bang is a Philly based duo comprised of Chiddy (emcee) and Xaphoon Jones (DJ/producer) who combine elements of indie rock and electronica with some good ole fashioned spittin' (their words, not ours).  Not only do we love the fact that Chiddy is wearing a fitted hat (shown right) in their recent music video "Opposite of Adults", but LIDS also receives a shout near the 2:10 mark.  Check out the music video and let us know your thoughts about the group.  Do you have suggestions for other hot artists to watch for or perhaps you've seen or heard a LIDS mention we should know about??? If so, let us know by leaving a comment on the LIDS Blog or contact us on Twitter or Facebook.  Also, if you're interested in picking up Chiddy's hat, visit LIDS today.

According to their Facebook page, Chiddy Bang like to think of
themselves as "kings of the basement party jam."  We'd rock with Chiddy Bang at a basement party any day, would you?