Bring on the Madness!

2011-Final-Four-logo1_jpg_1299097204 As a college senior, I will tell you that there is no better time to be a college sports fan than in March.  March is home to passion, upsets, underdogs, last-minute shots, Cinderella teams, screaming fans, and most importantly heart. All I can say is bring on the Madness! Last year, I watched my team of Butler Bulldogs march their way to the Final Four and ultimately the National Championship.  A true Cinderella team.  As I gear up to hopefully cheer on my guys for another run this year, there are plenty of basketball teams that are looking to be must watches in the coming tournement.  Some will have to wait to see if their team made the lucky list for the tournement, while others are already making predictions on the title game.  Ohio State?  Jimmer Fredette and BYUDuke, again?

Whether your team is at the top of the list or whether you'll be crossing your fingers until the brackets are announced, make sure you have everything you need to support your team the right way. If you are looking to attend the games with a friend, LIDS has plenty of 2 for $25 NCAA Hats!  So, hurry and get the styles you want in order to cheer your team on to a National Championship!

Get ready to fill out those brackets because March is here and the teams are ready to make history!  Who do you think will make it to the Final Four?  What about the title game? And, of course, who is going to win it all?  Let us know your March predictions by leaving a comment on the LIDS Blog!