A Sweet Deal for Bengie Molina

With the World Series set to begin on Wednesday, everyone is making last minute preparations.  Fans are scurrying to get tickets, make travel arrangements and get their respective team’s World Series gear.  The clubs, players and coaches are working to fine tune their strategies, rest up and get mentally prepared for the World Series.  After all, many players work so hard for so long without ever tasting a World Series victory.  No doubt, the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers have come a long way, but for one team, it will be a bittersweet ending to an otherwise amazing season.

Ring popHowever, Bengie Molina’s deal is so sweet he might have to have his teeth checked.  While most players worry about falling short after making it to the World Series, Molina is guaranteed to leave with a ring.  You see, Molina has spent the past three and a half years playing for the San Francisco Giants, but was traded to the Texas Rangers midway through the season.  This year, Molina played 57 regular season games for the Giants and 61 for the Rangers guaranteeing that he’ll receive a World Series ring despite the outcome of the final series.

“I think I knew [the Rangers] had a great chance to make it to the playoffs,” Molina said. “For both teams to be in the World Series?  Not a chance.”  Although the competitor in him likely wants to be on the winning team at the end of the Series, it must be nice knowing that whatever the outcome may be, he helped get the World Series Champs to that point.  “It’s going to be a very happy World Series for Bengie Molina. I’m going to try to enjoy it as much as I can,” he said.  Enjoy it indeed, because you’ll never see these odds again!

So which World Series ring do you think Bengie will be wearing at the end of the series?  A diamond encrusted Giants or  Rangers ring?

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